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Irrational Games is now Ghost Story Games

Irrational Games es ahora Ghost Story Games

As stated just three years ago, to announce the closure of Irrational Games, a few of its workers remained in Take-Two to mount a new more pequenico study. Today we have discovered, thanks to her brand new official website, called that study Ghost Story Games and at the moment has in-house Ken Levine and 24 more.

They say picked that name because “the ghost stories are immersive, exciting and very present in the community». Something that should be noted in your projects:

Ghost Story was founded by twelve former employees of Irrational Games, our mission is simple: create immersive games and focused on the story for people who want games ask them to something else. Although we believe that our games will continue enjoying BioShock fans, our new priority allows us to create experiences where the part playable is as challenging as the stories.

There is not mentioned nothing of what should end up being his first game, but Shawn Robertson art director does not hide – has, in fact, since with the Pushpin on Twitter – that is related to this «Narrative Legos» paranoia that commented the own Levine. If not we understood it more, the idea then was to achieve that experiences especially rejugables moving and relocating, like those toys of construction, parts of the story.

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