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John Wick Chronicles comes to Steam the coming week

John Wick Chronicles llega a Steam la semana que viene

This game is behaves as the own John Wick: is announced in August of 2015 and is has State moving among them shadows until now, that has returned to remember us its existence when already is too afternoon to react, when the canon of their two guns is located in our temples and us makes clamp in the skull, willing to convert in beaten our mass brain. John Wick Chronicles, reality game virtual work of Starbreeze, we just take over: sale week coming, on February 9.

The week that comes, by the way, day 10, premieres in United States also the highly anticipated sequel to the film, John Wick: Chapter 2, starts up a week after where it completed the original tape of Chad Stahelski, and that Spain not we will see in a movie theater until fucking may 5.

The game time will be exclusive for HTC lives and, although now sold in reserve for 20 euros on Steam, it is important to keep in mind that if you buy it before its release also you will receive a copy of Payday 2, the multiplayer shooter from Overkill on Rob banks and jewelry stores and resist the police siege. John Wick Chronicles serves also to expand slightly more the fascinating universe of murderers to salary of the franchise, putting us in the skin of the character interpreted by Keanu Reeves during that week of vacuum that is between the first and the second film.

In Polygon could try a demo during the Comic Con in New York last fall and say that this game is for those who require maximum mobility, which made them sweat like bastards, and that John Wick Chronicles spares no resources or references when it comes to delve into this crazy world of criminals, internal moral codes, gold coins and hotels with shady specialized receptionists stay at high-level assassins.

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