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Keiji Inafune cancels his new Kickstarter shortly before announcing it

Keiji Inafune cancela su nuevo Kickstarter poco antes de anunciarlo

The stepfather of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, has decided put end to its new campaign of financing collective after «close them eyes, breathing deep and count to three». The initial intention was to say «it carries that that» which put him on Twitter ‘tomorrow or so’.

Inafune reviewed how you has touched live a year «movidito» in this entry in his blog that takes by title 2016: 何もないよりマシ (“2016: better that nothing” in Japanese). Old Capcom producer returns to apologize for the numerous delays of Mighty No. 9, but ensures that the controversy is a thing of the past: «the fans were so pleased that they are no longer asking us versions for 3DS and Vita». He own Keiji had planned play it in the laptop of Sony, but of time has received “a code for Steam and thank you». “You have pending, but knowing already what’s the end gives me a bit of laziness, it recognizes with sincerity that characterizes him.

About ReCore nor has much because «was almost sure of that came out in 2017, the truth». Perhaps for this reason, its main purpose in the face of next year will be to improve communication between Comcept and collaborators studies: «I’ve put the alarm to call the Chinese of the network at the end of may, to see if we are going to E3 or what». Is refers to Fuze Entertainment, the company that decided to provide all those dollars that nobody more wanted to give you on Kickstarter.

However, the more interesting of the message is surely the paragraph that us speaks on what should have been the new project of Inafune. The idea this time was to make «independent campaigns for the opening of the anime, modeling and animation of the protagonist, the design of the female companion, everything that has been done the game, a couple of DLC and something, not ask me what, for virtual reality». Keiji, admitting to have been “overwhelmed with so much Chrome tab and so much nonsense» when reviewing the different objectives of funding, decided to finally give it ‘when decide which saga recovered; «It would be Unimusha [NdT: misspell in the original text], but I don’t have the body for Samurai».

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