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Killing Floor 2: new enemies, scenarios, and weapons are on the way


While the release of Killing Floor 2 still is very recent, Tripwire Interactive not is losing the time and already preparing new content for this title. The study has developed a roadmap for the coming months along which expected to include interesting news. Initially immediate work on adjustments and corrections to some of the classes of Killing Floor 2 as the “firebug” or the survivor, but from there, the future is promising.

The first details of the next update have already come to light, and these include the incorporation of a new tool for the berserker, the Mace and shield. A combination that is interesting and may that it enhances the role of this kind to block the damage caused by enemies. Another new feature will be the arrival of a new zed: a gorefast with two swords. And finally, an additional map whose nature is still a mystery.

This is in regards to the immediate future, because from Tripwire have outlined part of what is coming to Killing Floor 2 from the coming year. As it could not be of another way, more additional scenarios, both created by the study and by the community of players, more enemies, more heads, additional game modes and the holiday events. A whole battery of content, notably as regards more game modes.

In reference to this last, in the first Killing Floor Tripwire launched a kind of mode adventure that was interesting and not added in this second installment. Perhaps incorporation into Killing Floor 2 is one of these extra modes, although for the moment it is only a speculation. In any case, it seems that this title has plenty of life ahead.

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