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Killing Floor 2 rewards rewards advance version players


Tripwire last them contained and preparations for Killing Floor 2 of face to its imminent launch official. For this has published a new patch that introduces that possibly is one of them updates of content before this title leaves his label of “early access”. But also, from the study have wanted reward to all those that have trusted in them and in Killing Floor 2 during this time with several rewards aesthetic.

As to regards the contents playable, this patch introduces a new archetype of character, the SWAT Killing Floor 2 . Your specialization are machine guns, so in that sense it is similar to the “command”, but also provides a tactical knife and Flash grenades. Despite the possible similarities of SWAT with the command, its role is different and is more focused on damage to the Zeds.

As it could not be otherwise, an additional map has been introduced with this update. Infernal Realm is a creation of the community of players that has been incorporated into the official maps by Tripwire. A usual wine being the company actively with the first installment of the series. At the moment it is the most original game scenario, although its appearance is perhaps the most disturbing to date.

We have finally, reviewed nearly all of the archetypes playable and their bonuses to adjust them and try to match its utility. Some of which received more attention are the doctor, specialist support and the firebug. And for finish of put them things a little more difficult to them players, them enemies, including them heads, have received changes to make them more efficient and resistant, especially in them levels more advanced of difficulty.

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