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King works in a Call of Duty mobile

King trabaja en un Call of Duty para móviles

Photo: Gizmodo

The study behind Candy Crush Saga, one of the games for mobile more known and successful of all time, is adapting Call of Duty to bring it to smartphones in the form of game «cool, social and very accessible», explains on its website.

«Our challenge», reads the page, designed to recruit new employees for the project, “is to create a Call of Duty experience in mobile that transform the experience of consoles that our fans know, at the same time that we reached new land mobile and redefine the genre». It is difficult to know which gender concerns; well they could be talking about destroying classical conceptions and bet on the non-binary gender.

King defines the project, in any case, as “a rare and exciting opportunity”, and they claim to want to «offer a very authentic gaming experience» while it seems more or less clear that flock to a casual audience. «The equipment prototipara widely», continues, “you will have freedom to get out of the margins and will be encouraged to expand their skills in ways that create surprising results».

There are openings at art direction, level design and design of systems and interfaces, and all are in Stockholm.

It seems that Activision wants to broaden the scope of one of its most profitable brands, freeing it from its prison and encouraging her to fly free. Yesterday we read that they want to become a film franchise that competes with Marvel, a hit television series and movies, through Activision Blizzard Studios, its subsidiary dedicated to the film Call of Duty. King, also owned by Activision Blizzard (bought the study in 2015 by nearly 6,000 million dollars), will take the brand to pockets and bank statements of half the world, as well as mothers and children in an experience-join complete transmedia. I propose, as a finish to this strategy of conquest global, rename a metro station with the Call of Duty brand. The Callao can work.

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