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KOEI Tecmo published the first trailer of the Omega Force Berserk

After the teaser of which more than one thing you could say (and that you could hit some ear pull, also), Koei Tecmo has finally published a first trailer in conditions of the musou of Berserk being developed by Omega Force. You have it here above.

Responsible for Dynasty Warriors are not going very far with their new game, that looks reasonably musou: black swordsman is more than ready to take down dozens of enemies of a sliced, and the more or less short snippet of gameplay that appears in this video you can see him doing just that.

First images of the Omega Force Bershka

  • game-square

  • game-square

  • game-square

  • game-square

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I want to see how to move the original material to his field, especially by the firm intention of Koei Tecmo not to publish any game that takes sticker Z-zero, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, the equivalent body in Japan to the PEGI or the ESRB. In a recent interview, the President of the company confirmed that Berserk would not at that level; the concern is understandable, because a zero Z prevents that the game is announced in any public place. (Small excursus: Suda51 recent games have been all a Z, I hope that the designer wear with pride.)

The launch in Japan is not so far away: on September 21, with versions for PS4, PS3 and Vita. There are no plans, yet, for publication in Europe.

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