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Leslie Benzies announces his new project: Everywhere

Leslie Benzies anuncia su nuevo proyecto: Everywhere

The last thing we heard from Leslie Benzies, the third head of Rockstar allegedly the Houser brothers prevented to return to work and denied charges by royalties after taking a leave of absence for more than one year. The matter ended in court, where Benzies asked for 150 million dollars, and at the moment the demand seems to follow its course, or at least I have not been able to find the sentence.

The case is that friend Benzies, is expecting or not the mortar that as he deserves, has to continue with her life and so have already done so: has registered four new companies – Royal Circus Games Limited, Benzies VR-Chitect Limited, Starship Group and Everywhere Game Limited – and has just announced its next game, Everywhere, which is brewing in the company of Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith (both past of Rockstar North) , and will be based on the capabilities of the free engine Lumberyard that Amazon developed based on CryEngine and available in February of last year.

About the game itself, much ambition nozzle, much ambiguity and much smoke, but little real data. Thus speaks the note press:

“Everywhere” is the working title of this new game, and his vision is long-term with the ability to develop and grow forever. Our goal is to create a platform where players can be entertaining and also entertain others, at the same time that they blur the line between reality and the simulated world.

Personally, all the games that call themselves «platform» shoot me suspicions instantly, but remember that Benzies was the ideologue and head of GTA Online, a mode in which the Houser brothers did not believe never and that is proving to be extremely profitable. We’ll see if the thing with Everywhere makes sense when teach us any progress, but time everything that is known is in the interview to perpetrators who yesterday published Polygon.

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