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Locomalito and Abylight announce Super Hydorah

Locomalito y Abylight anuncian Super Hydorah

Abylight have announced Super Hydorah, an updated version of the shmup from Locomalito.

This remake of the original in 2010, which can be downloaded from the website of Locomalito, adds three new levels, several game modes, achievements and a system of ranks. Remain the key points of the original, as the non-linear development, various finishes and indebted to the late eighties classics level design; also the soundtrack of Gryzor87.

“Basically I have been studying all horizontal shmup in detail while working in the game», Locomalito had at the time. «Thinks in the as in a son bastard of them classic: has the genes, but not is a clone of one or another». The move, as it can be seen, is the same as the damn Castilla, but here the references are the games of ships: “Gradius, R-Type, Darius, list its creator, ‘ and other not so popular classics like Turrican, Enforcer, Space Manbow, Hellfire, X-Multiply, Guardian, Armalyte, Armalyte and so many others…»

«The first platforms and dates will be announced soon», you can read it on their website. I don’t know if it’s worth, but remember that damn Castilla EX came out first in Xbox One, PS4 and then finally Steam.

Locomalito y Abylight anuncian Super Hydorah

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