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Loot Rascals available limited in

Loot Rascals está disponible de manera limitada en

Loot Rascals, the first game of Hollow Ponds, is now available at This refinery edition is offered in a similar way to which premiered Overland: is limited to 500 units, and it is thought early access for those who are interested in participating in a more or less active way in the final stretch of development.

Although the game is more or less finished, they say, is missing the final match, which “will be released with the release version” (the final, of course), and the idea of the study is “balance and enhance the game considerably between this version and the launch, basing our decisions on statistics that the Refinery Edition players generate”. Also «will solve any problem arising» now that Loot Rascals is almost, almost there was; says Hollow Ponds all bugs that have been found are solved.

If you do not remember it, Loot Rascals is a roguelike which explores an alien planet in search of loot and strong emotions. At the time we published this:

The thing goes like this: that we explore the hex game world and faced with the dangers that there they inhabit it, we found objects, the loot of the title, and we can keep them to use them or return them to their owners, is because, explains Haggett on the PlayStation blog, “in this game, the enemies can steal. And if this happens, the cards that steal teletransport to the cloud and fall to another player. Whenever you defeat a villain Elite Baddie in Loot Rascals, you’ll get a letter belonging to another player he stole before villain said. The only enemies steal cards from the highest levels, those that you REALLY want to keep. «But you have the freedom to choose: you devolverás them or run them you?»

Part of the good vibrations that transmits the game come, apart from the good idea of the Strip and loosens of letters, from the mixture of Ricky Haggett, one of the owners of Hohokum, Swatpaz, known for Adventure time and already worked with Haggett in Super Exploding Zoo and Meowza, responsible for that Spry Fox (Road Not Taken games (, Alphabear) are so good face lately.

By this Refinery Edition of Loot Rascals they ask for $15, and you can find it here. (Right now are 483.) The lanzamiento-lanzamiento is planned for “principles of 2017”, without specifying much more.

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