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Loot Rascals will publish on PS4 and PC on March 7

Loot Rascals se publicará en PS4 y PC el 7 de marzo

Hollow Ponds has announced that its first play, Loot Rascals, will be on PS4 and PC on March 7.

Designed by Ricky Haggett (Hohokum, Frobisher Says, Super Exploding Zoo), Loot Rascals is a roguelite in which we form our character using the cards that will be dropping the enemies that stand in our way. Managing the type of letters and their position in our inventory are modified attributes of the avatar, as well as magic and special abilities.

Carries a few months available in refinery, in a not final version but sufficiently worked as to make it possible to play it without a problem. I played it enough by the end of 2016, and I have great memories of him; It seems that it is still available, although at the moment excludes the last zone and the final battle. In any case, the price is the same as the final version, so it is still an option to get it a little earlier; should send a key for Steam to the early adopters the 7 of March.

On the development computer are, besides Haggett, Swatpaz, known for Adventure time , and Illustrator in Super Exploding Zoo, and Meowza, Spry Fox, whose work may know Alphabear and Road Not Taken.

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