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Mario Party analysis: Star Rush


The Mario Party series is a classic Nintendo consoles. The collections of minigames seems like fans of the big N platforms and it is not surprising that several releases of this saga may occur in a single console. Nintendo 3DS is the home of Mario Party in this generation and there are two titles that have come down to this laptop, the irregular Mario Party: Island Tour and the recent Mario Party: Star Rush.

This fixes several of the misfortunes of Island Tour returning to the origins of the saga, and offering a much more satisfactory and complete gaming experience. That Yes, Mario Party: Star Rush is still a game quite decaf though it provides good ideas that make it more entertaining than its predecessor, primarily to make more accessible the multiplayer side of Mario Party in 3DS. Then the analysis of Mario Party: Star Rush.


Technical section

The Mario Party series has never been toe on that to limit the technical resources of the Nintendo consoles and this installment is not an exception. It is visually attractive, but not squeezing the 3DSpotential, thus reducing that simply meets the quota and little more, so there is no fanfare of any kind in this respect. As we pointed out, that does not mean that it is not showy and colorful, because if something stands out Mario Party: Star Rush is why. With respect to the 3D mode, it does not much and in the best of cases is something completely anecdotal.


As in all deliveries of the saga, random has a key role in Mario Party: Star Rush, although it is true that elements have been introduced to minimize the impact of the same, especially in “Toads to adventure” mode which is the more traditional format of the game. As usual our mission will be to get the highest number of stars to make us win, and to do this we will have to defeat several bosses throughout the game sessions.

The impact of random has been reduced, but is still an important factor

Your avatar will move in function of what mark dice, now they are simultaneous chucks and fairly easy game. According to Chuck that we have taken, we will move around the Board and we buy coins, enhancers, or partners who will help us in the mini-games. Once we come to a head, we will access a special phase in which if winners were will get the prized star. So, where it has mitigated the random? As basically in that although us not get them first to the Chief, can move to our avatar by the Board until get to it and compete by the star.

In this sense, even if our opponents have more luck, we can compete for the stars, what makes the game a little more balanced and fair. This in regards to the initial and main mode of Mario Party: Star Rush, since the game has many other but maybe not so fun. It should be noted that except “Toads to adventure” the rest of modes are blocked and must be purchased up-level our player profile, something as simple as completing various items.


There are other modalities such as Balloons party or the marathon of coins that are entertaining and bringing more variety to Mario Party: Star Rush. Each offers a slightly different facet, for example the marathon you have to give a series of turns to a circuit and we will go by the according to our performance in the mini-games. Even though it’s not particularly original, yes they are attractive enough to play from time to time. Now, Mario Party: Star Rush also features completely bland and boring modalities such as giving the note, presenting a musical mini-game without any grace.

In General, the variety of game modes is high and to sporadic matches are OK, but eventually gets a little boring. The random factor still tend a significant weight, although the main mode is somewhat fairer. Also will miss a greater variety of mini-games and these were more addictive, since in general they seem little inspired. The positive side is that with a single cartridge can play free up our three friends, making it much more attractive to this installment.


Paragraph sound

The paragraph sound of Mario Party: Star Rush is good, but without fanfare. The music is lively and entertaining and makes a little more pleasant gaming experience, although neither stands out especially. The sound effects are good, but are typical of Nintendo so there is not much novelty in this respect. The game features voices in Spanish, although not contribute anything in General.


Mario Party: Star Rush returns to show the interest of Nintendo for this saga, although at the same time reflects that has lost touch with her. It is clear that this installment is more entertaining than Island Tour and that adjustments such as those related to the multiplayer has been made to facilitate the gaming experience. All this is fine, but the basic problem remains: is not fun enough. And that in a title that is supposed to be addictive and full of emotion is serious.

The variety of game modes is a plus, but once again there are many ups and downs in the same quality. All this makes that despite improvements, the full potential of the game come down. Even so, it is an entertaining game that invites you to play from time to time, especially if we are friends, because the experience improves substantially and the “sprints” can give that point of excitement missing if we play alone.

Mario Party: Star Rush is available from 7 October 2016 for 3DS (32.90 euros).

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