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Merchandising: Final Fantasy VII Monopoly


When we thought that the pool of Final Fantasy VII was unbeatable… we have this.

In a confusing time, whereby the information that reaches us about Final Fantasy VII: Remake, expected by many, great falls to accounts drops on our coffers, we surprise opt for more articles that help alleviate what we feel. Apparently, Square-Enix has chosen to remain in a select silence even more later, in relation to the Remake of their biggest hit.

However, for all the fans of the franchise, becomes one of those products that had not yet reached the merchandising the huge adventure of Cloud and company. We had action figures, comics, backpacks, books, even a pool completely made for fans of the veteran franchise.

On this occasion, and by the hand of Merchoid, becomes the Final Fantasy 7 Monopoly.

This company, whose specialization is given in the merchandising of video games, warns that this version of table will show characters, places, and objects around the vast world that belonged to Final Fantasy VII. ‘You will discover the evil of Sephiroth when you extortion with a high rent, ‘ exclaimed the community manager of Merchoid, Jessica Adams.

The launch of Final Fantasy VII Monopoly is scheduled for April 14, 2017, under a price of € 51,99. You can book it at the official site of the company, Merchoid.

Via | GameSpot

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