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Minecraft now exceeds 100 million copies sold

Minecraft supera ya los 100 millones de copias vendidas

“We have sold many, many times Minecraft», say from Mojang. Do not lack them reason: according to the Nice infographic illustrating that entry in your blog, will be more than 100 million copies.

About that incredible figure – 106.859.714 units, to be exact – can say many things. For example, if all Minecraft players formed a country would be the twelfth most populous in the world. Or, I shit in the milk, four people have bought it from the cursed Antarctica. Or that has been already updated the Wikipedia to place it as the second best selling game in history, behind Tetris.

But the most surprising thing about the phenomenon, Minecraft, I believe, is that it does not seem to be losing even a little bit of bellows: during the 2016 is have continued selling, on average, 56,000 copies a day. With that steady pace they have to be especially pleased at Microsoft, which bought Mojang for 2,500 million dollars in September 2014. At that time, four years after he could start to pay for your mythical version alpha, the game had already sold 50 million. The thing has gone more, therefore thanks to a huge community that has continued to see videos on YouTube and has been able to grow on all platforms: another very significant fact of computer graphics is that the PC version is below the consoles and mobile phones in nearly all of the territories.

It is clear that Minecraft for a while, that this will “only”, but the next push could come with a commitment to introduce Minecraft: Educative Edition in schools around the world – this month should begin early access so that interested teachers are testing it. Also continue to be regular updates, clear, and we know that the spikes and blocks are ready to make the leap to virtual and augmented reality devices.

Sure that the kind of Notch, which just yesterday celebrated its 37th anniversary, was not aware of which was rolling when, in May 2009, he unveiled his small project on TIGSource forums.

Minecraft supera ya los 100 millones de copias vendidas

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