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New trailer for Get Even

The first and only time that talk by here’s Get Even was in January of 2014. Then the output of the game was planned for 2015. For some reason, the project of The Farm 51 fell into a black hole and not we have heard from him so far. Finally will be Bandai Namco who is entrust of bring the game to the shops the next spring and in this recent gamescom is could see a new trailer with much gameplay.

In the game will take the role of Cole Black, a type that awake in a Madhouse abandoned with the only remember of having tried save to a girl with a pump attached to the chest. Less bad that Cole has implanted in the head a device that you allows play memories and that us will help to remember who we are and why are tucked in this fregao.

Get Even combines action and psychological horror first-person. Begin the adventure equipped only with a phone mobile and a gun, but by what is sees in the trailer will have access to weaponry much more modern, as that rifle of assault from that shoot to covered.

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