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Nier Automat: fight against the management of the company in his DLC


The first DLC of Nier Automat will invite players faced successive waves of enemies to obtain various rewards. One of the particularities of this downloadable content is that it will enable us to deal with some of the directors of Platinum Games in what is another example of the breaking of the “fourth wall” Yoko Tarogame. At the moment there is a release date planned for West, though in Japanese land will go on sale on May 2.

The main attraction for the test of this DLC is to get different alternate costumes for the main characters. As you can imagine, in the case of 9S clothing will be especially simple and spicy, along the general lines of this saga. In fact, these costumes are inspired by the Japanese version of the original Nier .

In addition to the costumes and the corresponding arenas in which we will have to defeat these enemies, this DLC to Nier Automat also includes additional missions. All this without forgetting some additional music tracks, equipment, and other small extras. A quite different for this content this title and which no doubt add still more variety to the game.

Those interested in this DLC will have to wait for companies to confirm their release in the West. That Yes, given the good reception given Nier automaton would be crazy not to publish this content, so it probably is a matter of time until its publication date is announced in all other territories.

Via | PC Gamer

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