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Nintendo E3 2017 says: there will be no Conference this year


Nintendo has its own way of doing things. So for years. In fact, they said that not to many fads, innovating always as they believed appropriate. As you know, during the next few months will take place the E3, a big event in which dozens of companies in the gaming industry dare to announce what they are preparing. Although it seems that Nintendo will once again go countercurrent: this year they will have Conference during the occasion.

The latest reports filed by the company have server to confirm that the company “will present more information during a future date” that will not be the own E3. This means that, in the case of having to introduce some product, conduct an own meeting you take advantage to do so.

Of course, this move is not a surprise because that Nintendo is known for having its own way of doing things. I.e., it is normal that they will go their own way, knowing that they are working on products that do not follow a line according to the rest of the industry. Something that noted in the extreme in events such as E3.

Of course, other big companies of the sector, such as Sony and Microsoft, will have his lectures at the event, so about the same we will obtain more information. That Yes, we recommend you not to lose track of the movements of Nintendo. Among other reasons because we could get a surprise.

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