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Nintendo Network is attacked, stealing more than 400 accounts

Nintendo Network

You know that the attacks on businesses related to the sector of information technology or telecommunications are the order of the day. Indeed, in this blog have spoken in more than one occasion about the leaks and attempts of theft to them different platforms online that there are. However, let’s take a look at Nintendo Network, a platform that rarely comes out in the news by computer attacks. Yes, the service has been violated.

In particular, as they have announced on Reddit, there is a text document in Pastebin which are detailed more than 400 users of the Nintendo Network credentials. Exactly, 440 accounts that would have been violated and stolen. Is clear that anyone can access the above accounts, where they unloaded the document that has been leaked.

By the time Nintendo not has made any clarification to the respect, although is necessary to mention that the problem could be more serious of what seems. And is between the data that have been filtering couldfind banks-related or personal information. I.e., even the money of those users affected could be in danger.

In all case, is expected that since Nintendo already is have since hands to the work to solve the inconvenient, find to them guilty and, of course, warn whenever there are to them users that have been affected. As you can check, even Nintendo is saved of this type of failures.

Via | Reddit-Nintendo

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