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Nintendo NX will be a laptop with cartridges, removable control and the possibility of playing on a television

Nintendo NX será una portátil con cartuchos, mandos extraíbles y la posibilidad de jugar en una televisión

Nintendo NX will be a handheld console that can also be used on a television and has two commands attached to the sides of the machine, according to Eurogamer.

The sources of the web British speak of a console portable «of high power» with a screen own, to whose sides are coupled two controls that can be retired of the body before be used. In addition, an external base serves bridge between the console and the television, even the insides of the console are not on that basis but on the mando-consola.

It sounds like a kind of Wii U GamePad with controls on the sides and which does not need a console to function. It also seems a step further on the concept of Wii U, a console that, as acknowledged by Nintendo, came to the wrong place at the wrong time.

«Think that is took that attempted to create a machine for games and a tablet, and actually what we tried to do was a system of games that you gave features similar to them of a tablet for control it», recognized in an interview Shigeru Miyamoto; «This system and this approach not fit well with the period in which we launched it».

Perhaps the idea not is quite strange for some. The mixture of notebook and desktop has gone out from time to time over the past years, as well as possibility for a Nintendo that has seen better days in the market of traditional consoles, as rumor from different sources. It is not the first time hear of «a mysterious tablet with a sheen in the Centre» and «has something that is familiar»; the new Zelda was perhaps giving clues about the topic.

AnaitGames also has received information on the new console from Nintendo, and coincides with which offers Eurogamer. Also with the part of the support in which is distributed them games: is speaks of cartridges with a size preferred by Nintendo of 32 GB, relatively small for them sizes usual of the games today. By what they say, the first idea was to make that the system was exclusively digital, although did not Jell.

As for the interior of the machine, in Digital Foundry study the Tegra from Nvidia, which is according to its sources, within NX. The operating system, they say, is one new and own Nintendo, rather than the Android who was rumored recently. The changes technology have a face negative: according to say them sources of Eurogamer, Nintendo has discarded the backward compatibility.

The presentation of the console is planned for September, according to Eurogamer says, and Nintendo intends to focus the message on the possibility of playing anywhere, to prevent the confusion that resulted in Wii U users.

Nintendo did not want to confirm the information; the company «not has made no announcement official new on NX, that will come out in March of 2017», has declared a representative of Nintendo; «Therefore, we cannot make comments about the various rumors and speculation that are circulating».

Is expected that NX is presented in the E3 of this year, that Nintendo ended up devoting almost entirely to the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, in April the company announced the absence and confirmed that the launch of the new system is scheduled for March of 2017; at that time they said it was a “totally new concept” and that one of its launch games would be, precisely, the new Zelda, to be published in Wii U both NX.

Meanwhile, in November Nintendo will launch another machine well different: the replica of NES that opens the line Nintendo Classic Mini, a reproduction in miniature of your first console with 30 games pre-installed and the emphasis since in the ease of plug it to any HDMI and play without more complications.

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