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Nintendo relies on the indies as a third party support for Switch

indies nintendo switch primeros meses

It costs little to receive the presentation of yesterday on the indies of Nintendo Switchwith pessimism. Everything tastes a little with the creators of Super Mario, I guess; Sometimes, little known until Super Mario.

What was quite says much about relationship wants to have Nintendo with the indies, which they call nindies as if they were thus more theirs, or rather less than the others. The video starts with the announcement of SteamWorld Dig 2, the sequel to an unexpected success that debuted on Nintendo 3DS a few years ago; for half a year was exclusive of the Nintendo handheld. This second part is not exclusive to Switch, even temporary, unlike Runner 3, announced a few minutes later; the why of this preferred positioning for the Image & Form gives a key Damon Baker, in charge of relations with partners of Nintendo and the video Presenter: «An adventure of platforms and mining forged in the tradition of other games of exploration, like Metroid, Nintendo series».

This strategy is not new. This 3 day, in fact, available in the eShop of Switch another game with similar intentions: FAST RMX, a new version of FAST Racing NEO, that F-Zero which, rightly, like ersatz (or least not displeased) Wii u and possibly do it also on the new console. They are just not where we thought when we bond our hopes on an internet forum, but it’s something the Metroid and F-Zero.

Another example is WarGroove, which was also seen in the presentation, almost to the end. Vandal call it ‘ the ‘spiritual’ (sic) Advanced successor Wars», a much more colorful epithet that that gives Nintendo in their press release, which refer to it simply as «a strategy game» who offers games local multiplayer and online for one to four players take turns. Its creators are the British Chucklefish Games, the same study who developed Starbound and published, among others, Stardew Valley; no relationship with Intelligent Systems, but all believe in “plagiarism of the Advance Wars’ that Nintendo”demonstrates giving support to all kinds of games and developers, but in the background I do confirm that they will not get an Advance Wars more in life,”wrote a reader from AnaitGames.

I guess that this pessimism we talked about has to do at least one little with this, topped with more or less poor printing the presentation less RIPed games. The other message, perhaps the most important, is more difficult to see when the substitutes block you the view. The press release explains it with more clarity: explain that «is ideal to have a handful of developers thinking about how make the most innovative features of the new Nintendo Switch», i.e. ‘the flexibility of control, local multiplayer and online options, or the vibration of high definition’. That is why many of these games have those things between your keys: Yooka-Laylee, Kingdom: Two Crowns or Stardew Valley have multiplayer, Graceful blast Machine and Mr. Shifty have HD vibration and a little all take advantage of the fact to be able to get the console out there. By necessity or conviction, Nintendo bets on these games less ambitious (according to who, it also ask more attractive) as a legitimate way to «provide a steady flow of releases for the console that offer unique experiences and original»; It is not supported by third parties in which is often thought, but it is as valid (again, depending who you ask is even more valid) as that can offer Activision or EA.

An auction of interesting (after the string of announcements which, a little order without too much ceremony, were parading through the presentation) was the collection of logos with which it wanted to fire Baker. In addition to the 17 who were (sixty «games quality indie» that, according to Nintendo, there are planned for 2017, and that should reach “digital store” switch «before the end of the year»), another handful of interesting titles were passed, albeit in testimonial way, by presenting, with your logo and little else.

There are the biggest surprises. Is there Thumper, the extraordinary rhythm game that debuted in PS4 and PC a few months ago; also Enter the Gungeon, that roguelike obsessed with weapons and the word games and that recently grew larger; also Rogue Trooper Redux, Snake Pass, the remake of Wonder Boy, little Dew 2, her and the Quest for meaning and a few others, among which there are old acquaintances, from Cave Story to Mutant Mudds.

indies nintendo switch primeros meses

In general, as I said, I think it an alignment of independent more than interesting games. When one speaks of PlayStation Vita as ideal console for the indies is not made from a position of conformism or self-delusion; you have to spend a reasonable time until Switch can boast of the same, but the bet seems more evident than ever. By necessity or conviction, repeat: doors out the difference is less important, but if Nintendo commitment studies small to convert its new console in a privileged space for certain kinds of experiences (there are a handful of multiplayer on Steam, for example, that do not complete take off so that gather friends around the computer seems less comfortable (, or at least have that feeling) we may bring more surprises that seemed to watching the poor console release catalogue and still uncertain support from larger companies.

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