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Nintendo Switch already is sold… In Peru

Nintendo Switch

Really should already know what happens with this kind of throws: although they have a date specified in an official way, always occurs to a store gets to sell the products ahead of time. We have had several cases with Nintendo Switch. One of them we already spoke a few days ago, when it was known that multiple consoles had been stolen to later put them on sale.

In this case we’re going to focus on Peru, country in which some stores are already selling the hardware. Which have become echo of the event are the guys at NeoGAF, forum where he announced that in some establishments the Peruvian country it is possible to get the console. Of course, with its regular price.

In any case, there is a but. We have mentioned that Nintendo Switch already is selling in some stores. But the consoles they are only giving away to customers who had already booked. That Yes, taking into account that the embargo of the console has been infringed, it is possible that Nintendo takes into account some measures to put in place. You know that, at least in Spain, the machine cannot be sold until next March 3.

Nintendo Switch takes the path of becoming one of the best-selling years consoles. Given the rumors that exist and the controversy that is surrounding the launch, it is more than possible that the level of sales to rise above figures never views.

Via | NeoGAF

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