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Nintendo Switch could carry USB-C and up to 128GB SD compatibility


Yesterday, Eurogamer published that Nintendo Switch screen is 6.2-inch, multi-touch and capable of displaying a resolution of 720 p. A rumor with many possibilities of being certain, since the source was the same that leaked details of NX in July. Today we have more rumors of the new machine of Kyoto.

Apparently, the prototype of Switch has a type C-USB charging port, a port that enables transmit and charge devices at high speed. This port would be located in the center of the bottom center of the console. It will be useful for load Switch when it is not connected to the base. By the position of the port, indicated that it will not be possible to charge the console when it is with expanded support. I hope to keep the port of type C in the final version.

And follow rumors with the prototype of Switch and it seems that supports up to 128 GB SDXC cards. The SD would be at the bottom of the machine in a slot that would be slightly discovered to deploy support (look at the picture at the top). This capability could change in the final version and it is said that the system works integrally with the console and the SD memory.

With 128 GB and whereas so much that measured Nintendo the size of those games could be a space acceptable.

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