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No Man’s Sky does not require subscription to Playstation Plus

No Man's Sky

Man completo Sky will not be a game with a great life and many possibilities. Good test of this is that puts at our disposal a universe full that can explore to advance and progress. However, the presence of this space has also arise some doubts regarding the operation of the game. And it is that, on occasions, when offered these kinds of possibilities is charged therefore. Something will not happen in the title.

In a principle could think that No Man’s Sky will require of subscription to Playstation Plus in order to explore all the universe. Has been her own company which has confirmed that not will be necessary to pay the subscription. Although we will have to connect us to the Internet, the truth is that this feature will be completely free and free, so it can be calm in that sense.

This has been what Sony has clarified:

PlayStation Plus will not be a requirement to play online. However, you need to be connected to the Internet in order to discover all that is hidden in the space.

In all case, know that No Man’s Sky will be a use intensive of the features online, including opportunities as them of rename planets and species extraterrestrial. In any case, is it possible that the multiplayer options are a little limited in detriments of a single player.

No Man completo Sky will be released on August 10, for PC and Playstation 4.

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