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NVIDIA will launch its own mod for Fallout 4

Knew that afternoon or early Nvidia would end by meter is in the development of video games, but what equal not had planned is that it made by the door of the community modder. And so it will be, it seems: morning at PAX West of Seattle maker of graphics processors will present its own mod for Fallout 4 entitled Vault 1080, a scenario which, says the company, will have a similar size to the rest of Vaults scattered by the Commonwealth.

For who has never played Fallout 4, the Vaults (I think that in Spanish called them shelters) are a kind of bunkers built by Vault-Tec before the great war to protect large numbers of people of nuclear battle. The grace is in that apparently the Government had intentions very murky behind these shelters, and those used to perform experiments social and psychological with them survivors. So when one enters a Vault do not know percale that can be found there.

Seeking Vault 1080 Nvidia obviously is to take full advantage of the technical abilities of their graphics cards, so the idea behind this shelter in particular will be focused on environmental horror, with heavy use of the effects of light, volumetric lighting, and new types of shadow with the idea of offering a look that say , not you can see in the rest of the original.

Leaving of side the coldness of them pots and their performance, the history of the Vault 1080 us enter in a sect religious chifladisima that pays cult to the darkness. All well there.

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