Wednesday , July 24 2024

Dragon Quest Builders will arrive in Europe in October

It has been almost a year since we talk about Dragon Quest Buildersfor the first time, that game Minecraft set in the universe of Dragon Quest style. It went on sale in Japan in January this year for three Sony consoles and has sold 700,000 copies among the three. These …

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Dead Island 2 removed from Steam


Dead Island 2 development was not a path of roses precisely. Yager was responsible for the product at the expense of Techland, creators of the saga and now focus on other tasks. Although I could see the game running a few years ago, seems that the title wasn’t good enough …

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Mosh Pit Simulator is the creator of McPixel new

Sos Sosowski has posted a trailer for Mosh Pit Simulator, the game that is preparing as part of his experimentation with new virtual reality devices. It is a simulator of Pogo… more or less; above is the trailer. The creator of McPixel, the unclassifiable genius that still looks like an …

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Dead Island 2 disappears from Steam


Dead Island 2 on Steam page has been withdrawn recently, as he has highlighted a NeoGAF user. In the registry’s database of Steam you can see how removed both the shop page as the genres and categories that were associated with the game. The game takes a time more or …

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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos comes to PC tomorrow


Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, the action game of Tamsoft that came out in PS4 in the middle of last year, will come to PC tomorrow, June 1, as you can see in the recent page of the game on Steam. The launch of this new version arrives by surprise from the …

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