Wednesday , March 29 2017

STRAFE will finally be released on 9 may

Said a couple of months ago that he would leave at the end of March, but even STRAFE, so retro it, get rid of the small retrasillo of last minute: 9 will be available for PS4 and PC. Aware that few things tire us than excuses to justify changes in …

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Analysis I, Shepard


Mass Effect is undoubtedly one of the sagas of RPG having greatest impact in the industry in recent years. The reception by the public has been overwhelming and very soon will come a new episode but already out of the trilogy of Shepard, leading to the saga to new unexplored …

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New trailer for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of courage

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have very well oiled machine to Fire Emblem. We still have relatively fresh Fire Emblem Fates, with its different versions, and already we are Recalling with this new trailer that Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of courage, will be on sale in little more than two months, …

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Gremlins, Inc. adds the ability to play offline


Charlie Oscar has announced the launch of Gremlins vs Automatons, a new version of Gremlins, Inc. that will be playable offline, without connection to the game servers. This version, one of the “most requested by fans”, according to the press release, will be added free of charge to the library …

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Podcast Reload: Program 22, season 8

» Download MP3 While companies close the fiscal year, which ends with a particularly lively March, is is also drawing the schedule of releases for the next quarter: last week it announced a lot of dates, both releases and betas. We also talked about the technical problems of Nintendo Switch, …

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