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Paper heroes relive the war of consoles with the release of the Console Wars


The wars between consoles always have been a constant in the industry of the video game. Fans tend to defend with nails and teeth their platform and to denostar the opposite as a football team if it were. However, we are faced with a phenomenon interesting and worthy of study in a number of areas ranging from the more purely commercial and business to the social phenomenon.

Heroes of paper brings to our borders and language the book Console Wars in which is tells it fight that kept during those years ninety Sega and Nintendo. An interesting study by Blake j. Harris wrote from more than 200 interviews with workers from both companies. By the time not there is a date of publication for this book, and seems that this is could delay, since the publishing has planned other releases more immediate for them next months.

Perhaps it more interesting of this book is that offers a broad view on an of the wars of the game more fierce. In addition, it is interesting to know the history of the companies to further understand current developments in the industry. In this sense, Sega perhaps has been an of which more ups and downs has had in the last ten years, passing of compete by the hardware to subsequently leave it of side and specialize is in the software. In any case, is a very interesting, especially for those who want to deepen their knowledge about this industry.

On the other hand, Paper Heroes reveals that it incorporates a new publishing label to its production line. Is crossover and he tries to see the light of publications related to pop culture: movies, music, series, or animation. The first title of this brand will come out to the sale in autumn and will focus on Studio Ghibli and their creations.

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