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Phil Spencer confirms that the next Halo will not be available during 2017


It seems that the next Halo will soon reach the consoles. At least thats what you said Phil Spencer, one of the most responsible for Xbox. The worker has been talking recently Unlocked podcast of IGN, which gave some details about the items that are currently working. And one of the issues has been the own Halo franchise.

Spencer has been very clear and has regretted that 2017 do not have any Gears of War than published. In addition, has confirmed that they have either “a Halo first-person“. Taking into account that the main episodes of the brand are games in first person, we can rule out the release of a video game of this kind for the year in which we are currently.

Let us note a very important concept: Microsoft is currently working on the launch of Xbox Scorpio, which means that it is likely to wait until their franchises more important in order to prepare the implementation to the sale of the games with an extra power. That is, prepared for the console, which assumes that it will be better than the alternatives that are currently on the market. Even we would not surprise that, with the announcement of new details of the machine are also specified new video games.

For the moment, tap wait. That Yes, if you are regular users of the Halo brand, we recommend you take a look at the chapters which have already gone on sale.

Via | YouTube – Unlocked

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