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Phil Spencer: “not book Xbox Scorpio until you see those games that have”

Xbox Scorpio

Book a console or game is an attitude that has become fashionable around the world. Although, clear, there are enough exceptions in which the own users is feel disappointed to what end up having between hands. Xbox Scorpio will be released soon, by which many players are already thinking about booking console. However, even the own senior Xbox are saying we should wait before performing this operation. Nothing negative affirmation.

Phil Spencer, one of the heads of the division Xbox, has been very sincere and said that “you should not book Xbox Scorpio to show you video games that will be available“. Actually not has dear deter to them users, but wants that before investing the money corresponding can see what will get, of way reliable. All they want to throw smoke.

On the other hand, the assertion of Spencer shows that he is very sure that Xbox Scorpio will be an excellent product. Not in vain, he is convinced that, when they see what can do the console, users will reserve it. A movement curious, but smart.

Don’t forget that Xbox Scorpio will be released over the coming months. In any case, expected that they will disclose more details very soon.

Via | Twitter – XboxP3

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