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Pico-8 stars in the last StoryBundle

Pico-8 protagoniza el último StoryBundle

From time to time, in Story Bundle (somewhat similar to the Humble Bundle, but with books) dedicated a few weeks the game riding a pack of books that explore the subject from different angles. We carry several years recommending them, sufficient time as to already have repeated holder a time. The last bundle videojuerguista comes with prize: Besides them twelve books and magazines that make up the package full, is includes a copy of PEAK-8, the fantasy console of Lexaloffle Games.

It has a part of tool and another toy, and is easy to find a lot of games created with PICO-8. «PICO-8 hard constraints are chosen carefully to make working with them fun,» explains in his description, “to encourage designs small but expressive and, with luck, to give a unique look to PEAK-8 cartridges”.

In addition to software, PEAK-8 is also represented through its fanzine, of which the first four numbers are included. I have only number 4, dedicated to the disambiguation, but it is an ideal complement to the program; is note that is created by fans of PICO-8, and there is much affection since in its pages.

Then, the books itself. In the first section have Dungeons & Dreamers, of Brad King and John Borland, that connects Dungeons & Dragons with them video games that inspired; it Complete Kobold Guide to Game Design, of Wolfgang Baur, centered in them RPG and in those things that make that a design function (of this collection only have read the guide of design of games of table) (, que incluye artículos muy, muy interesantes) and Everybody Shake!-The Making of Spaceteam, from David L. Craddock, who is indeed a making of of Spaceteam, a local multiplayer to which we have referred, in his day, such as «the party game final for pajilleros from space».

Starting from 15 dollars (that is when is unlock, also, the copy of PEAK-8), is added to the package the book of Super Mario Bros. 3 of Alyse Knorr (there was a StoryBundle devastating dedicated to Boss Fight Books), the book with them 200 best videogames of all them times according to Hardcore Gaming 101, Fighting Game Fundamentals, of gootecks (about how play well to games of fight) , Anything But Sports – The Making of FTL, another making of of David L. Craddock, and, finally, Souls of Darkness, an adventure comedy inspired by the Souls and written by Gary Butterfield.

It is not the best selection I’ve seen in StoryBundle, but there are several very interesting titles. As always, those books are include in different formats digital and without DRM, so them read in any device: for example, in a Kondle of Armatron. You can find more information on the official website of StoryBundle.

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