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PlayStarter: the new crowdfunding platform


Through the various ‘crowfunding’ have been doing over the last few years, dozens of independent studies or minor impact have managed to give life to many of the projects that had been believed impossible without the help of the huge public.

On this occasion, we present Playstarter, a new project which will support the development of video games for Playstation 4. All the collection made, through the system crowfunding, is allocated exclusively to the funding of video games both Spanish as Portuguese.

The initiative made Coalition, which involve so many studies, it is a unique opportunity for collaboration in the industry of our country. Currently, there are eight studies forming part of the project, and all of them can receive contributions through PlayStarter. The minimum donation is £ 5. Those who donate will receive rewards exclusive of them young studies, and will have access to material unpublished.

The studies are as follows:

  • DrawFighters, of Wildbit Studios
  • M. The city in the center of the world, Gammera Nest
  • Mindtaker, of relay Games
  • Moerakis, of Animatoon Studio
  • Engine Strike, Five X Games
  • Rollin’ B.O.B, Moon factory
  • Strikers Edge, of Fun Punch
  • Way of Redemption, of Pixel Cream Studio

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