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Prey, on sale may 5


Arkane Studios continues to work in one of their most anticipated games: Prey. The game, which had fewer details than we would have liked, already has release date. The study not only has announced it, but it also confirmed more things about what will include the game, as well as its plot and gameplay.

Specifically, Prey will place its history in Talos I, a space station where the aliens, which receive the name of the typhoon, have escaped from their prisons and killed everyone. Us he plays Morgan Yu, Vice President and director of research at TranStar Corporation, the company that has been studying the beings so humans could get numerous powers.

On the other hand, from Arkane Studios have confirmed that Morgan, the protagonist, can transform isin any thing that has a mass equal or lower to it of the own character, and that not is screwed“. Even we can make evolve the above-mentioned powers into different objects.

On the other hand, we also know what is Talos I: a contiguous area that we will be able to explore in the way that we want. In other words, both from within and from outside. Even there will be green areas, so the atmosphere and the fights will take place at sites enough varied.

Prey is a very good pint, so we recommend that you take a look at materials will be revealing. Don’t forget that the project will go on sale in stores on May 5.

Via | Eurogamer

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