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PS Already Vita has sold five million units in Japan

PS Vita

It seemed that the success of PS Vita in Japan would not be extreme, but the truth is that we have confused. Among other reasons, because according to the latest statistics, the level of sales has been greater than expected. At least, larger than expected. As the own Sony, announced the number of consoles sold in the country amounts to five million. One higher number than the other machines.

We must take into account that Japan is a very complicated market, so you arrive at this figure is not mucus from Turkey. Not in vain, we dare to say that it is even difficult. In any case, Sony has managed to start up the resources needed to sell several million of its handheld console. A data to take into account that could soon be expanded.

On the other hand, mention that sales of PS Vita are very far from the of its main competitor, Nintendo 3DS, which already has sold 20 million units. In any case, it is always recommended to continue working in order to get more sales. That Yes, it is essential that the amount of video games that has the Sony console will also increase.

It can that PS Vita is not the success that everyone expected, but there is no doubt that it has a small legion of fans.

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