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Rebellion is preparing a remastering of Rogue Trooper

Another blast from the past of the good: the Lords of Rebellion Developments, after giving birth a more than decent Sniper Elite 4, have decided to take hold of one of their most popular games, Rogue Trooper, to publish a remastered version be Rogue Trooper title as Editor: Redux and which is being developed by the British of Delectable Games , who so far have done a lot of mobile games and the remastering of Worms: World Party.

The original Rogue Trooper came out in 2006 and was a third-person shooter based on a homonymous character that appeared in the magazine of comics 2000 AD, which is still published and where he was also born Judge Dredd at the end of the 1970s, and who bought the own Rebellion in the year 2000.

Play us spoke of a war between the North and South of the planet Nu-Earth, a history of science fiction inspired by the American Civil War, and we put in the bluish skin of Rogue, the soldier enhanced by more fearsome Bioengineering and the last survivor of his squad. The game was part of the boom of the mid-2000s space marines and coincided with games substantially better in the same genre as Gears of War, although Rogue Trooper came out for the previous generation: PS2, Xbox and Wii as well as the PC.

Rogue Trooper: Redux «soon» sale in PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. I leave here a little gameplay of the original game that I find myself in Kotaku.

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