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Removed a report on video games violent by errors in the data

It seems that the correlation between violent video games and real violence is something of late nineties we have overcome by improved media of the game (which in turn was caused by the most effective way to enhance your public image: generating absurd amounts of money), but apparently still many people who firmly believe in such theories there and try to prove them by publishing research.

The study of which we speak today was entitled “Boom, Headshot!”: Effect of Video Game Play and Controller Type on Firing Aim and Accuracy, was published by Professor Brad Bushman of the University of Ohio in 2012 and concluded, in essence, that those who often played first person shooters extended that ability also to real weapons handling. The same teacher had carried out also other research to show that violent video games made their most aggressive players.

Retiran un informe sobre videojuegos violentos por inconsistencias en los datos

The striking of the matter is that on this occasion Boom, Headshot! will not be in the arsenal of arguments of the abolitionists and morning television chat experts : report takes a long time being charged with important irregularities by other teacher Malte Elson of Ruhr University of Bochum, in Germany, and Patrick Markey, Professor of psychology at Villanova University , in Pennsylvania, both responsible for other studies that talk about the beneficial nature of video games. The next book of Markey, indeed, takes by title Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games is Wrong («why the war against them video games is wrong»).

Finally a Committee from the University of Ohio has requested the withdrawal of research to the editorial Research Communications who published it for already five years, alluding to a series of irregularities and inconsistencies with respect to certain data which reflects the study and already you can not verify because the own Dr. Bushman drew those original data of the enclosure and ensures that no longer exist. The own Bushman has written a replica to its own article and is now in the process of revision. Withdrawal occurs, that Yes, three five after the first allegations by errors in the data.

Personally discover with this news that place called Retraction Watch and that me seems interesting: a web that carries to the day it today of all them studies e research in any field that are retired by irregularities or manipulations fraudulent, and that continues to the imply them information on collections of data or elaborations of reports that not meet with it due transparency and in many cases them conflicts of interests and them cronyism within certain circles academic. There is an article especially revealing about something called them posters of appointments, that come to be something as well as circle jerks of researchers that agreed quote is between them with the unique interest of make is famous ones to others.

The specific case of Boom, Headshot! themes spoken of Retraction Watch are a useful reminder that when we read or hear that «a study concludes» or «researchers have shown», it is best to find this report and give a review but only is superficial. It only good of this was of fake news and posverdad is that also have hand all them tools to separate the grain from the straw.

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