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Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation, those games for PS4 in the PlayStation Plus in October

Sony has just announced the list of games that PlayStation Plus users can download, free of charge, from 4 October.

The head of the cartel is Resident Evil, the remastering for PS4 in the remake that was released originally for Game Cube in 2002. I said well? I guess. The issue is that not is a game simple of buy, because despite the forced washing of face and of the system of control alternative not leaves of be a product recycled, but certainly there are that have it. Something not very different passes with Transformers: Devastation, although his case is strange and difficult to explain: it is a game moderately short, relatively cumbersome and extremely vague, but it is also wonderful and much better than most. Is no doubt any it best that has come out of that strange couple that are- or were; This painted worse than Brangelina – Platinum Games and Activision. If you it want to take a little in serious, the good of Saurian is publishing just now another of their wonderful guides to teach what its developers not you have.

To PS3 you touch Mad Raiders, that do not know what is, and From Dust. Had forgotten almost by full the god simulator of Eric Chahi and, me cago in the milk, not should: I liked a lot when it played, in some moment of that already far 2011.

And then there is her Vita, clear. I still think that the laptop will say alphabet sooner that later… But until then there are some visual novel Japanese as Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~, and independent proposals as Actual Sunlight, a short interactive story about depression.

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