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RiME is published in mayo’s 2017 in PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

Tequila Works has presented again RiME, its expected «adventure with puzzles for a player “. It has done so through IGN First; a series of articles that starts today, with the new trailer you have on these lines will be published during the month of January.

The Spanish edition of the international journal has visited the Studio, and there goes the information to be published in the coming weeks. At the moment we have a month of release (may of this year), a series of platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, the new Nintendo console, which is released in March) an official description of the game, which speaks of an adventure

on the discovery, experienced through the eyes of a child that is awake in an island mysterious after wreck in its coast. Players must discover the secrets of the island making use of light, sound, perspective and even weather. Inspired in them lands of the coast of the Mediterranean, Rime paints his world with a vibrant fusion of colors and tones musical emotional, preparing us for a trip of it more personal that us expected (sic).

It is the second incarnation of a RiME that was announced in the middle of 2013 as exclusive PlayStation 4 and that resurfaced after a while without news in March 2016, when we learned that Tequila Works would continue development without Sony after recovering “rights on intellectual property” of their game. Some months later learned that would be Grey Box and Six Foot the companies responsible of distribute the game.

In IGN promise talk of «themes as peliaguados as what occurred with Sony and what has last since then with the game», so there will be that be attentive to what published. To me it’s exploring the island with the light, the sound and others is interesting; gossiping them favorite of 2016 of Raul blonde, founder of Tequila, and Kevin Cerda, one of the designers of RiME, see The Witness and it of «the perspective e even the time» me sounds still best.

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