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Rivals of Aether is officially released on Steam


Recently, Developer Dan Fornace and his team have announced that the title Rivals of Aether, inspired in Super Smash Bros., it has abandoned its status as Early Access and will be officially released on PC on March 28.

For those that it unaware, Dan Fornace is the father of Super Smash Land, title fangame of 2011 that received more than 500,000 downloads and that was intended to collect all the essence of Super Smash Bros.

After that stage, has taken part in games such as Ori and the Blind Forest or Dust: An Elysian Tail. Even so, it seems to have focused on Rivals of Aether from 2014.

Rivals of Aether, as we have mentioned, is inspired by the title of Nintendo and part of its mechanics are similar. Will face a rival in environments of platforms in 2D. In addition to the mode versus, the game features a story mode, a mode Abyss (survival) which will enable us to deal with level after level to prove our toughness, and, of course, the online mode.

It is one of the most interesting in terms of the genre, even if you are regular users of Steam and requeríais a similar game. The trailer looks simply spectacular.

Rivals of Aether will come out of the early access the 28 of March.

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