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Robin comes to Injustice 2 distributing swords

The eternal pupil of Batman confirmed as one of the fighters in the next 2 Injustice. It was expected, you will think, but the truth is that Robin was not the first Injustice: Gods Among Us.

In this occasion, who is hiding under the hood and after the mask is Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne. The different universes in comic books is something to tide me a bit, so I don’t want to bundle me more than enough; Damian was Nightwing in the alternate dimension of the earlier Injustice, which in principle has no relationship with the Batman Arkham – Rocksteady games Robin is Tim Drake.

Leaving aside that part of the storyline, I’m surprised see the boy wonder with a sword instead of a cane and his animations I like most of what like in the NetherRealm titles often me. Also I find interesting to keep the same appearance during all the trailer, because so far had been too much emphasis in the unlockable accessories that alter the appearance of the characters and the attributes.

Injustice 2 have been announced several things during these last weeks. His date of departure, for example: will be available on May 19. Before there will be a beta for which you can sign here itself. We have also known that to the initial roster is added at least other nine fighters in the form of DLC, which are that includes the Ultimate Edition – and aside, I understand, is Darkseid as booking incentive. Warner by Warner.

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