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Shadow Warrior 2 additional game modes and weapons free


Flying Wild Hog does not terminate their work with Shadow Warrior 2 and already prepared new updates with free content for this title. These developments will arrive soon and although the study no detailed much everything you have planned to launch, it has outlined some of them which will be incorporated into Shadow Warrior 2 very soon.

One of the first free content that will Shadow Warrior 2 is the legendary katana Nobitsura Kage. Those who have played the first installment of this particular ‘reboot’ will remember the adventures that we had to live together with Lo Wang to become with this sword, and thanks to this update we return to wield it. After the patch that enter the katana, will reach others with larger news.

Some of which have been defined include more missions for the game, new difficulties to challenge mode, more weapons and more characters to the co-op mode of Shadow Warrior 2. In addition, the latest update of the game us has meant the arrival of the “insane” difficulty that added a level of challenge that will test even to more experienced players. All this without forgetting the typical corrections and adjustments that often accompany this kind of patches.

A series of new features that further lengthen the life of Shadow Warrior 2 and provide more added value. Flying Wild Hog has managed with this title to overcome his predecessor to extending the possibilities of it thanks to its cooperative mode and their excellent campaign for a single player.

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