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Special Dead Rising 4: the well-deserved return of Frank West?

Frank West

Dead Rising 4 went on sale a few weeks ago time after which we carry out the analysis. It more curious of the video game is that it rescued to a character classic of the franchise: Frank West. For those unfamiliar with it, say that you it’s the character who gave life to the series, the protagonist of the first game. In fact, in the analysis of this fourth installment we mentioned had enough similarity with the photographer that we saw in the original Dead Rising.

Taking in account the development of the title would is Dead Rising 4 the return deserved of Frank West? Although we could see him back in Off The Record, it seems that this game failed to capture completely the character, full of humor, courage, and certain cowardice in certain occasions. Capcom is has since the batteries and has returned to Frank West to Willamette, to the people that saw how returning to birth them zombies of all her life. Although, of course, endowed the character of new features and a new look.

In the last delivery of Dead Rising, Frank West continues being the same that in the first game, though also is certain that receives a washing of face. Is still the charismatic and funny kind we saw, but with an overwhelming personality that makes that it can face any situation without damaging your camera. It more curious is that in Dead Rising 4 is more talkative and be surprised with some of your comments. Taking into account these aspect, we could say that the return of Frank West is well deserved and, in addition, the character returns to be one that surprised us once.

Capcom has been able to return to Frank West with all the facets that made him famous, as well as one of the key characters of Xbox. So, if you want to see the photographer in its sauce, we recommend to buy Dead Rising 4. It is clear that you will not regret.

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