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Square-Enix Announces blu-ray of NieR Music Concert


NieR: controller is one of those video games that more hope, and that more regret that is has gone delaying with the passage of the months. With amazing gameplay and a graphic style that combines Japanese aesthetics with elements of steampunk horror, NieR: Automat promises to be of those titles that are probably not as recognized as they deserve.

By what we have seen in the trailers and the different presentations that took the game over time, will highlight not only battles, special effects or the amazing spectacle of the enemies, but its soundtrack is simply the best that we’ve seen in a video game come to land nipponese.

As colophon for this last, and knowing of what clubs can boast, Square-Enix announced the arrival of the Blu-Ray of the concert dedicated to NieR and NieR: controller, held in Tokyo the 16 of April.

The disc is launched under the name ‘NieR Music Concert & Talk Live: Horobi not Shiro Saisei not Kuro‘. In it, be interpreted tunes from NieR RepliCant, NieR Gestalt and NieR: automaton.

The list of topics is as follows:

  • 1 Snow in Summer
  • 2. Radiant Wind of Hills
  • 3. Kaine
  • 4. Song of the Ancients / Devola
  • 5 stand
  • 6. The Wretched Automatons
  • 7 NieR: It controller New BGM #1
  • 8 NieR: It controller New BGM #2
  • 9 Emil
  • 10 Shadowlord
  • 11. Ashes of Dreams
  • 12. Encore: Grandma and Song of the Anciencts / Fate

NieR Music Concert & Talk Live: Horobi no Shiro Saisei no Kuro’ is put to the sale the 14 of December in Japan.

Via | Square-Enix

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