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Star Wars Battlefront II for sale on November 17th (details inside)

Battlefrotn II

The Star Wars Celebration of this year has been chosen by EA and says to introduce Battlefront II. The game is being developed by said with the assistance of Motion and Criterion. On 17 November of this year will make us with it in PS4, One and PC.

The trailer focuses on the campaign which will include the game. IDEN Versio, Commander of the Infernal squadron of the Empire, will be the star in this way history has counted with the collaboration of Lucasfilm in script tasks. Arguably in Battlefront II will they cover 30 years of space between the return of the Jedi and the awakening force.

The sauce of the game will be on multiplayer that will allow us to face up to 40 players in scenarios that will cover all the mythology of films. EA promises a variety of aerial and ground vehicles in this second installment of Battlefront. That Yes, it limits the number of players to 24 in space fighting modes.

The multiplayer will include a co-op mode that can be enjoyed in PS4 and One split screen. In this mode we will face hordes of AI-driven enemies in scenarios from different eras. I hope it is something more varied and fun than that is included in the first Battlefront.

Luke, King, Yoda, Kylo Ren and Darth Maul are the first heroes confirmed for this Star Wars game. We guerrearemos in scenarios such as Starkiller, Endor, Hoth or Mos Eisley, among other renowned environments in the Galactic saga of Lucas.

Battlefront II won’t have season pass. A decision that has been taken to avoid the community fall apart. Unknown expansion plans that will include the game, but will not be through a season pass. Bet by micro transactions.

Source | EA

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