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Stoic returns to Kickstarter with Banner series 3

Stoic people just to start a new campaign funding on Kickstarter: asking for $200,000 to finish his trilogy of Vikings and strategy shift with a new installment which is called, of course, Banner series 3.

Five years ago, in March 2012, this small independent study proposal convinced more players than anticipated. They asked for $100,000 to get started with The Banner Saga and succeeded, also on Kickstarter, more than 720.000. Among that money from more visibility that won the project and the quality of the final product, the thing ran enough well as to be able to develop Banner Saga 2 without resorting to the crowdfunding. In part for that, curiously, the sequel sold very below it planned.

Is something that from Stoic have been commenting lately. They explain that the development of the first game was stressful partly because of the extra work involved in updating the Kickstarter campaign and maintain communication with the community that you have paid in advance. “It’s a full time job and we didn’t have anyone who is dedicated to making this community manager. For the second part, since they could afford it, they chose to «shut the door, lower blinds, investing our own money and do it our way, without having to answer to anyone». They admit that they now see that decision as “a mistake”, because «they abandoned the community» trusting that «this audience would be there”when Banner Saga 2 is finally put on sale.

I guess that it makes sense, since, to bet on the collective funding with all these lessons learned. From Austin, Texas, John Watson and Arnie orgensen remember that they are still a team of only seven people and that its agreement with the Publisher Versus Evil does not imply any kind of external funding. His arguments, then, are those of the game itself: I imagine that many will have to wait to see how it ends a journey that is dragging decisions and now reaching an outcome where “darkness plays a main role”.

At the moment, and in the absence of the typical update with targets above $200,000, only speaks updates for PC and Mac. And we already know that thing of ‘approximate delivery» will be little heed, but the due date is December of 2018.

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