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Sundered is a precious metroidvania drawn by hand

Sundered is the new project of Thunder Lotus Games, the creators of Jotun, that play on the Norse mythology of the @pinjed spoke to us last year. Here Norse mythology is set aside, but are other hallmarks of the study (as that eye-catching visuals drawn by hand) to bring us a metroidvania of terror in a procedural world.

Now, I know that term metroidvania not everyone likes, but when the own developer is which thus refers to your product I will not bring the opposite. I have not clear is how that will work the concept of metroidvania in a procedural world, but at the moment the combination intrigues me.

Beyond that, Thunder Lotus Games promises lots of action, lots of enemies, battles against heads of large size and multiple end to make Sundered replayable. All correct, truth? The game will come in 2017 to computers and PlayStation 4.

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