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Super Mega Baseball 2 can be one of the 2017 Sheepskin

I did not get to play never Super Mega Baseball for a number of reasons – it came out on the European PSN in April 2015, when already nobody talked about it after its American release in December 2014, among other reasons – but I was about to do so. I spent an evening whole looking videos and what they ended up tipping the balance towards the ‘no’ was the artistic direction: game Metalhead Software was deliberately child in the visual, perhaps a little too, with characters very cabezones, deformed baseball bats and fields with small proportions that made the whole more caricature of a game of baseball than a baseball game.

Today Metalhead has finally published the first video with gameplay of this sports sequel, and at first it seems that there is good news: the artistic direction is obviously still cartoonish, seems to be a hallmark of the franchise and perhaps of all games of the study, but has lowered the tone fairly. It is a style of animation as more neutral, without losing the character caricature, but less pointed than its predecessor, less Wii Sports, and may be more accessible to adults.

Say who have played the original Super Mega Baseball hides under that layer of short-legged pictures a more robust system of simulation and game mechanics is generally very strong and well thought out. If Super Mega Baseball 2 maintains that virtue and reach Europe, it may be a good time to start to analyze games of baseball in this House, right?

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