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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: a sports delirium Xbox One road

At both ends of the Court, or field, or as you want to call it, of each party’s Super Slam Dunk Touchdown there are maddest hybridization impossible football goal, basket of basketball and American football goal. More than sports equipment seems one of those horrific art that the City Council responsible for some local artist, one of those bundles of iron crowned hundreds of roundabouts throughout Spain. A design of portecanastas that seems to ask screams that someone already end their suffering. A goal in the football goal is worth four points, a basket is worth three points and a field between the two posts goal is worth two points.

In fact the title falls short: in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown not only there are basketball and American football, also includes football (or soccer,), on the other side of the Atlantic hockey, roller derby, the baseball and I think than any sport more that is beyond me. They can be combined in a players team from different disciplines with their statistics and their particularities when it comes to moving, and in fact it seems that the success in this kind of zany cocktails is the key to have a complete and competitive group.

In an interview with Polygon, its author Rick Felice talks about something very interesting: the way in which low-budget games are innovating with the sports rules in a genre that now is an oligarchy of AAA franchises in search of the ultimate realism. Things like FIFA Street or NBA Jam have a marginal role, but there is who is willing to change this trend. Perhaps the most powerful example is the Rocket League, a total success in the mixture of sports concepts that is inspiring to many developers to leave the imagination and alter the basic principles of some sports to simply see what happens.

While soccer starts very slowly out of the inertia with technological improvements (the rules is already more complicated: a few months ago the exdelantero and current director of development technical under FIFA van Basten proposed a series of radical changes, such as abolishing the out of game, and was especially well received) and games remain in this obsession by the exact recreation of television broadcasts , there are who take hold of the seed itself of the sport teams: make the fool with a ball.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown takes on Steam from 2015 and will arrive soon to Xbox One.

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