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Microsoft announces a shop in Minecraft with community content


Among the novelties of the next major update of Minecraft – enough tocha for naming; It is 1.1, but is also called The Discovery Update – there will be a store to purchase virtual currency. These Minecraft Coins will be invested then in «maps, texture packs, mini-games “and other content …

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King works in a Call of Duty mobile


Photo: Gizmodo The study behind Candy Crush Saga, one of the games for mobile more known and successful of all time, is adapting Call of Duty to bring it to smartphones in the form of game «cool, social and very accessible», explains on its website. «Our challenge», reads the page, …

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Thimbleweed Park website


I’d like to be able to say that I was born the same year was published Maniac Mansion, the ground-breaking adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, but for one year have to say that I was born a year after Maniac Mansion to publish, the groundbreaking adventure graphics, …

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The ads are the punishment of The Internet Express


Internet is a place, they say, where the human being can exchange information in a free manner; a sort of super digital library thanks to which men and women from all over the world can absorb knowledge that, before, were tragically linked to material resources from difficult transport and storage. …

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There have been many versions of the game of snake, the legendary game of snake, from the Blockade of 1976, the first incarnation, until any of those apps that mimic the Snake coming in mobile Nokia, recreation of phone (your buttons, your screen, your locates) included. It is not difficult …

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Tap Wars, the spin-off for moving of Earth Defense Force 4.1

Four days ago came to the Android Google Play Store and the App Store on iOS something of what server did not know their existence: is the Earth Defense Force franchise given to step to the mobile and already has a spin-off of his recent Earth Defense Force 4.1: The …

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Super Mario Run looks out the duckling in Android


Super Mario Run has appeared in Google Play, the Android app store. Still not is available for download, but, as spent in iOS, is has open a «record prior» for those interested is point before the launch official. A lonely asterisk coming not referred any site clearly warns that «para …

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