Thursday , September 21 2023
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Overwatch: get the exclusive official D.Va skin


Blizzard has started a new cross promotions between games. On this occasion the protagonists become again Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm and reward for participating in this particular event is an exclusive for D.Va skin. But this is not all, since there are other small gifts for participating in …

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Genji and Hanamura become Heroes of the Storm


In the absence of a few days to get the 2.0 update to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard reveals to what will be the new character introduced in this MOBA. It is the Cyber ninja Genji, brought directly from the Overwatch universe and becomes thus the fourth hero of this …

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Overwatch rebellion: its new and refined PvE mode


Overwatch has premiered a new way PvE where once again will have to deal with hordes of omnicos. It’s a more refined way on which we play on Halloween of last year, that we should only resist successive waves of increasing difficulty. On this occasion, Blizzard offers a format more …

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The possibility of a HD remake of StarCraft takes strength


Blizzard takes a while playing with the possibility of adapting some of its classic titles to the HD. Indeed, the company has released some versions of models of games such as WarCraft III with more polygons, in addition to patch some of these titles to make them compatible with modern …

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Overwatch we invited to capture the flag in his new event


Overwatch releases a new temporary event on the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese new year. A unique opportunity to unlock thematic appearances and enjoy an alternative mode of play: capture the flag or better said “capture the cock”. From January 24 to February 13 will be available this …

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Great Mods: Devil HD Belzebub


On the occasion of the recent 20 anniversary of devil, today I bring you a new entrance dedicated to the first delivery of this saga of ARPG of Blizzard. Play Devil today may be an Odyssey, run this title on current PCs is something complicated, requiring patience and some time. …

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