Thursday , May 28 2020
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Special World of Warcraft Legion: know your background


If there is an aspect interesting in them different titles of Blizzard, more beyond of its exquisite gameplay, is the world that have created around them. This is one of the main attractive for them players, that are captivated by them different frames e stories that this company is capable …

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The DDoS attack on has already been fixed


The platform was in trouble. In fact, many users were complaining because that either they could not log or performance was extremely slow. As he reported from Blizzard, the system was getting an DDoS attack that was causing problems in running, doing that on occasions it was inaccessible. There …

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The Rio Olympics reach Overwatch


The Rio Olympics come to Overwatch in what can be defined as the first thematic event for this title, the summer games. During the next few weeks, the Olympic spirit will be present at this shooter of Blizzard and we can achieve different aesthetic rewards inspired by this sports competition. …

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Blizzard starts to ban to Overwatch cheats


With the launch of Overwatch, Blizzard has had to put the batteries in the field of maintenance. Above all by the fact that there are cheats players who are performing operations not permitted. Of course, the company has been hands to work with the theme of the bans, expelling all …

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